Sunday, August 23, 2009

Horse and Hound

It has been said of the Border Terrier that he can run alongside horses without tiring for many miles. I don't think that is true of Harry because at nine years old - after a couple of ligament injuries - he would tire of running alongside the horse after the first hundred yards. He is very well behaved round horses - possibly because he came from a farm. But more likely it is because he only really has concerns for: people, some dogs, all cats, all squirrels and all rabbits.

Other species are off his little radar.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ball Thrower - just 90p

On our way out for our afternoon walk we met Tiny, and he had just been bought a ball thrower from the 9TP shop for just 90p. Sounded good value to me so in I went and got one for Harry.
Looked fine at first. Harry was very keen, and went scampering across the field to get the ball..
Only problem was he didn't want to give it back. So he only got one throw.