Saturday, February 26, 2011

Harry House of Hammer Dog

Harry had an operation on Tuesday to remove some lumps. None were malignant. The one on his foot is quite benign (and could reoccur), and the other 3 benign (and won't come back). They also removed some things from his gums which in time would have made it difficult for him to eat. So Harry has been a bit sad and sorry and sore since. He went back to the vet yesterday to get the foot dressing replaced. He has a bit of a temperature and has gone off walks but not off food. The vet also gave us a lampshade Harry can wear when unsupervised to stop him scratching wounds. We got the little jacket for Harry because he looks a bit like something out of the House of Hammer Horror films with the stitches up his side.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Harry under a tree

Harry went to the vet last week because of a swelling on his foot that sometimes makes him limp. He will be having an operation on Tuesday to remove it, and possibly the toe. The vet says lots of dogs loose a toe and it is not a big deal. At the same time, while Harry is under the anaesthetic, the vet will remove four other lumps. So Harry is going to look a bit patched up afterwards. Hopefully none of them are anything serious, but that will be checked out too.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Harry's Valentine's Day Greeting

The scent mark outside the front door this morning, the one that kept Harry sniffing for ages at the start of the  walk, may have been a Valentine's Day greeting - who knows! And those may have been Valentine's Days greetings that Harry left along the walk this morning.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Harry and the ultra clean bowl

We got back from our walk this morning, and I said "Harry! Come and get breakfast!"

But there was a problem. His bowl was nowhere to be seen in the kitchen. It was not in the hall. Not even outside. Harry was starting to take on a hang dog look.

Then I had an idea and looked in the dish washer. Life is full of suprises. That is probably the first time it has  been there for a wash. So Harry got his breakfast this morning in an ultra clean bowl.