Saturday, February 16, 2013

Harry dreaming doggy dreams, sighing doggy sighs.

I took this picture in the Albert Park earlier today. Harry's attention was taken by something but I could not see what. He met quite a few dogs on the way, some familiar some not. A grey hound kept wanting to see him but the owner pulled it away from us, maybe worried about the encounter. We played catch stick for a bit then I put Harry on the lead as we approached some small children not because Harry is dangerous but because they or the parent might worry. You never know. Later he ran excitedly catching me up on a couple of occasions when he had got left behind. When we got home there was no food to be had and I went out to get him a new box of dog food sachets. He skidded on the floor running to greet me. Now he is fast asleep, dreaming doggy dreams, sighing doggy sighs.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Harry is a chip off the old block

Harry's dad and mum lived on a farm about ten miles from Stanstead Airport.

His dad was a working dog who followed his owner round the farm.

 As we drove back home with the puppy from the farm near Stanstead Airport we tried out various names, and it was Harry that stuck. For one reason, our children liked the Harry Potter books, but for another our new puppy's dad was called Harry round the farm.

Harry is a chip off the old block.