Sunday, December 08, 2013

Forever In My Heart Will Wag a Doggy Taill

Here is Harry enjoying his new life in doggy heaven.

The sheer delight of fish and chips
Till lately three pounds ten well spent
Are dust and ashes to the lips
Since Harry went.

A cronic frown besets my brow
And every day I'll look upon
An everlasting Tuesday now
With Harry gone.

No doleful dirge, no drooping flag,
But thus his epitaph unveil:

P.S Thankyou to JD for the original poem which I modified here to fit Harry. The original had 'Till lately 3 and 6 well spent' and '... since Tuppence went.' Tuppence was our childhood dog.

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Harry - Rest in Peace

Harry passed away this morning.

The last couple of days were awful. He was so sick. So we asked the vet to come this morning and said a tearful goodbye.

Afterward, as I carried him out to the vet's car, it looked like he was just sleeping peacefully.

Looking up now, he is not there where I expect to see him. 

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Harry - Not Very Well

Harry went to the vet today and was X-Rayed and had an Ultra Sound Scan. Everything now makes sense: his difficulty breathing, being so slow on very short walks, the hollow coughing and sickness, the limping, and swollen tummy. He is not very well at all. It is not just his heart but also his liver and lungs. The change has become noticeable over the last week. Tumours have spread.  It is beyond treatment I'm afraid.