Sunday, December 08, 2013

Forever In My Heart Will Wag a Doggy Taill

Here is Harry enjoying his new life in doggy heaven.

The sheer delight of fish and chips
Till lately three pounds ten well spent
Are dust and ashes to the lips
Since Harry went.

A cronic frown besets my brow
And every day I'll look upon
An everlasting Tuesday now
With Harry gone.

No doleful dirge, no drooping flag,
But thus his epitaph unveil:

P.S Thankyou to JD for the original poem which I modified here to fit Harry. The original had 'Till lately 3 and 6 well spent' and '... since Tuppence went.' Tuppence was our childhood dog.


Unknown said...

We are thinking of you.
Harry forever in your heart.
Best wishes Molly

CC said...

I am so sorry.
Will always remember him
and this wonderful

Sending deepest condolences to all of you
along with warmest wishes and thanks for
sharing Harry. OXO. Carolyn C.

Ralph said...

I only knew Harry through this blog. It was this and your Abingdon blog which inspired me to start blogging. I'm typing this with tears streaming down my sorry for your loss xx

Lauren said...

We are so very sorry to hear of Harry's passing. His blog has been a wonderful source of comfort and entertainment over the years, and has so wonderfully chronicled the adventures and curiosities of this delightful breed.

Rest in Peace Harry - may you find many sticks and balls in heaven xx

Ralph said...

Harry, you have a mention here

marley said...

We shall haz a fine time over da Bridge Arry my chum….all is easy for us here….we keep a look owt for da family down below….

marley said...

I did pass way 4 December …..I kno i iz not furgotten by deems wot I leev behind…they remember me every day and finks of appier times an is tryin not to be sad

Unknown said...

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Zhoen said...

My heart goes out to both of you.

Even more so since you got an insensitive spam comment, that assures you it isn't spam, but of course it is.

Ralph said...

The photo montage is lovely...had me crying again!

Laura in Texas said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. Harry's blog is one I kept on my work computer to see what he was up to all the time. I will miss him. I lost my Max at 13 last year; I still cry for him! Try and center on the wonderful memories you have of Harry.

montmorency said...

So sorry to hear about this.

We recently lost a cat, so I know the feeling.

Many condolences.

Capri said...

RIP Harry. You are loved and never forgotten. I enjoy reading your blog, and you have wonderful parents. May you find comfort in heaven and many dogs to play with.

Unknown said...
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